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Contemporary Home Design

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Our company has a creative array of custom designed modern and contemporary homes to choose from or we can build to your custom design specs.

We provide this service for residential and investment homes with exquisite attention to detail. Our contemporary home designs all follow along a ‘green’ energy efficient path and make use of large spaces to provide open living areas. We build around your requests, and believe no dream is too big or renovation too small to replicate with our team of highly experienced contemporary home builders.

DJ Buckley Builders Toowoomba Lloyds-37Modern design investment properties are our forte, and we love to incorporate that clean ‘chic’ look that every modern home should have. DJ Buckley Builders will meet all safety standards and be at your service every step of the design and production process.

We provide a great range of contemporary building material finishes, so personal taste can be applied to all stages of construction.Our concrete slab home designs provide privacy and elegance in a sharp small or large family layout. DJ Buckley Builders understand any contemporary home is incomplete without solid timber doors to divide create beautiful transition spaces to and from the outside world.

Solid timber window frames are of high demand from our clients, which is why we decided to specialise in solid timber bi-fold windows for those that enjoy the open air in the comfort of their living room or open plan styled home. We love renovating all types of homes and have a great reputation for continuing consistent “period” designs into brand new additions to homes across Queensland.

We have consistently astonished our clients with our ability to creatively transform their investment into exactly what they want.

"We Do, Eat, Sleep, Drink & Breathe Quality CRAFTSMANSHIP"